My journey to fitness

The FatNoMoSho

When I first moved to LA, I was overweight and in need of a healthy life routine. Having worked in tv, I thought, what better way to achieve my fitness goal than to document the journey as a web series. That way, I can share my failures and successes so that others can get tips, advice, and motivation along the way. It also held me accountable. And it worked! Through my experimentation of different workouts and food habits, I found crossfit and clean eating, which led me to my happiest, fittest self. I’ve since had a baby, and now need to get going again, this time with the Baby FatNoMoSho!

Painting through the Emerald Isle

Ireland’s 33

American artist John Bukaty explored the mystical and magical country of Ireland through his paintbrush, creating 33 paintings in 3 weeks – from Dublin to Belfast. It was an exciting, eye-opening pilgrimage I had the joy of capturing and turning into a web series.